CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award


The Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS) Doctoral Dissertation Award is given annually to the top Ph.D. thesis in the areas covered by the Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV).

Congratulations to Dr. Masoud S. Nosrati of Simon Fraser University who is the Winner of 2015 award, and to Dr. Emmanuel Piuze of McGill University who is the 2015 Honorable Mention! For the titles of their theses, please see below. The winner of the 2016 award will be announced early in 2017. The student/author will be invited to present the thesis as an Invited Talk at the 2017 CRV conference.


The thesis must be from a Canadian institution, and it must be successfully defended during the calendar year of the award, i.e. between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31. The topics of the thesis must be within the scope of the CRV conference -- e.g. computer vision, robot vision, robotics, medical imaging, image processing or pattern recognition.


The nomination must be made by the thesis supervisor(s). Nominations must include:
  • a recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor(s)
  • a URL linking to the complete thesis
  • the student's Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications.
The deadline for nominations for the 2016 award is January 31, 2017. Nominations should be sent to Greg Mori who chairs the Award Committee. The committee also includes Steven Waslander and James Elder, the CRV Program Chairs for the 2017 CRV conference.

Previous Winners


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015
    Dr. Masoud S. Nosrati
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "Prior Knowledge for Targeted Object Segmentation in Medical Images"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Emmanuel Piuze
    McGill University
    Thesis: "The Geometry of Cardiac Myofibers"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2014
    Dr. Zahra Karimaghaloo
    McGill University
    Thesis: "Hierarchical Adaptive Voxel and Textural Conditional Random Field for Enhanced Pathology Segmentation"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2014 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Yogesh Girdhar
    McGill University
    Thesis: "Unsupervised Semantic Perception, Summarization, and Autonomous Exploration for Robots in Unstructured Environments"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013
    Dr. Tian Lan
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "From Flat to Hierarchical: Modeling Structures in Visual Recognition"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Chi Hay Tong
    University of Toronto
    Thesis: "Laser-based 3D Mapping and Navigation in Planetary Worksite Environments"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2012
    Dr. Mikhail Sizintsev
    York University
    Thesis: "On 3D Spacetime Oriented Energy Representation for Spatiotemporal Stereo and Motion Recovery"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2012 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Maryam Sadeghi
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "Towards Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer: Computer-Aided Analysis of Dermoscopy Images"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2011
    Dr. Andrew Delong
    University of Western Ontario
    Thesis: "Advances in Graph-Cut Optimization: Multi-Surface Models, Label Costs, and Hierarchical Costs"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2011 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Chris McIntosh
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "Energy Functionals: Choices And Consequences For Medical Image Segmentation"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2010
    Dr. Alex Levinshtein
    University of Toronto
    Thesis: "Low and Mid-level Shape Priors For Image Segmentation"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2010 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Kostantinos G. Derpanis
    York University
    Thesis: "On the Role of Representation in the Analysis of Visual Spacetime"